Morning nausea

Did you know, that the efficacy of Imbifem has been proven in a clinical trial?

Results have indicated that over 70% of pregnant women participating in the active treatment group experienced a reduction in their morning sickness, and in 21% of cases those symptoms had ALREADY subsided by the 2nd day of treatment.

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Pregnancy is a special time in every woman's life. It is nine months of waiting for a miracle - a baby. It is also a time when women experience numerous changes, both positive and burdensome.

Body weight, appearance and levels of pregnancy hormones change. With an exceedingly high level of those hormones, a mother-to-be may have morning sickness, which may be particularly troubling during the first trimester. However, there are many ways to deal with nausea. Below, you will find some clues to how to great each new day with a smile.


10 tricks to reducing morning sickness.

After waking up, do not rise from your bed at once.
Lie down for another 15-20 minutes.

Do not overeat. Eat small portions, but frequently – once every 2 hours or so. Remember, low blood sugar may favour nausea.

Avoid greasy meals and deep fried foods, for they intensify nausea.

Take a vitamin B6 supplement, as this vitamin is not only responsible for assimilating proteins and fats, but it also helps to combat morning sickness. The following products naturally contain vitamin B6: grain products, potatoes, bananas, wheat germ, tuna fish and lean meat.

Eat snacks between meals, as well as before you go to sleep. Intense morning hunger may intensify nausea.

Avoid strong odours, especially detergents, cosmetics, cigarettes and food.

Ventilate your home or flat. Fresh air is soothing to your body.

Wear loose clothes so your skin can breathe freely. Choose your underwear carefully, so as not to be compressed.

Brush your teeth often. Many women feel a strange taste in their mouth, particularly in the initial stage of pregnancy. The taste may cause nausea. If brushing teeth is not enough, chew sugar-free gum or eat a mint-flavoured candy.

Rest. Remember that the more tired you are, the more you are prone to nausea.

Remember that pregnancy is a special time

Remember that pregnancy is a special time for you and your child. You should be extra careful during that time, so:

Do not use any blends or herbal remedies that are not intended for pregnant women.

Consult your doctor before you take any drug or vitamin preparation.

Do not discontinue any drugs before consulting your doctor. You may be receiving drugs containing progesterone that allows you to have a successful pregnancy, or iron that prevents complications related to anaemia.

Do not drink alcohol. It is not true that a glass of red wine or a shot of vodka can do you no harm. And they surely won't relieve you of your morning sickness.

Drinking vinegar or soda will not help combat morning sickness.

Limited consumption of fluid does not relieve morning sickness. In fact, it may lead to dehydration that may potentially send you to hospital.

Do not use aromatherapy, particularly during a hot bath. Remember that intensive aromatic oils combined with hot water may even cause premature contractions.